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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Medicom Kamen Rider Black & Shadow Moon

Medicom RAH Masked Rider Shadow Moon

Shadow Moon was given a limited release by Medicom, being what Medicom calls a 'Mail away order' figure to Kamen Rider Black. Means that, in order to get Shadow Moon, you have to get the Black with a special ticket to order. But, it never happens to my place here. :(

I'm actually got him together with Black. The price is about HK preordered price back in 2009. So it is lucky!

This guy now is like....really really expensive! Mail-away figures are usually an expensive fare, don't complain and accept the facts. However, this guy is really making me fuss!

Medicom's quality control is really bad! Last round, I have a broken Black fist on the joint. This time is more serious. The whole shoulder of Shadow Moon (left) was broken in the box itself.

When I unboxing this guy old, I straight notice there's a very loose feeling on the entire left hand. Damn! When I touch it, it feels like already detached from the body. To get myself back into the mood again...This is what I think. Luckily the black fabric underneath the silver suit is holding the entire shoulder and arm. It is better than the whole hand drop off.

I tried the hand, it could still able to raise the hand properly. I would have to use some strength to turn and raise up the hand. Make use of the fabric clothing and the silver biceps to hold and make the hand stays.

Alright, enough of complain. Back to the topic...Shadow Moon is really the most definitely looks freaking awesome rider. Right out of the box, it can actually draw your attention to his shiny armour and detailed headsculpt. His headsculpt looks completely awesome and detailed accurate like what you seen from the TV series. Every piece that the suit you seen in the series and movies are represented here on the figure, and you can almost imagine where every piece goes and how it well. From his belt, to his to his foot. Anyway, I like his green eyes too!

The grasshopper limbs on the foot and shoulder make the entire figure looks more outstanding. He also comes together with his signature weapon - The Satan Saber! The Satan Saber is made with tiny red jewels on it. Nice! But I am still feeling like lacking some accessories...

Lastly, Shadow Moon is one of those figures that many people would love to have, especially you are Kamen Rider fans and you want to pose him together with Rider black. However, looking at the price, it is generally making people to give up. Grab him if you really still can find him in lower price.

Medicom RAH Masked Rider - Black

Beautiful box with art drawing to illustrate Rider Black. Box is slim and easy to keep on shelves. Love it.

This is really impressed me! There's actually something inside the box cover...Shadow Moon!

I like the window box design with both Masked Rider Black and Shadow Moon on art drawing.

Kept neatly in the transparent plastic. Don't need to unwire to take out the figure.

My very first masked rider and medicom figure!

I am glad that I am still able to get this guy in retailed price, even after 3 years of released!

Hmm...overall this is really a good figure, however Medicom's quality is still not up to the par. I have a broken fist joint from the box. Damn it! I fixed it with the tape though.

All the extra hands are not able to firmly attached to the body like what Hot Toys does. It will slip away easily. Perhaps it is old figure and it was yet to improve that time.

Due to the costume is made by leather. I am a fear of crack and I am not going to do a signature pose or outstanding pose for photography. I am sorry for that.

But something suprised me is that the leather should be built by good materials as after 3 years of production. It is still in good shape inside the sealed box. Bravo Medicom!

I would say this Black costume is also the real main attraction of this figure. When you look at this from the far distance, it really looks like a real life Masked Rider. The costume are covered all the ugly joints...there are no visible joints at all.
However, I do want to warn collectors to be careful while posing him. The black line on the brown bio suit, it can be peeled of easily if you articulated it too far.

The helmet really looks like the real thing too and the the red eyes are beautiful. Medicom is smart to give another sets of antenna to replace in case the existing one are broken. So, gentlemen I would advise you to display this guy with the stand though we have the spare antenna.

Lastly, I think this most have to be one of your collectible if you are fans of Masked Rider. Among all the masked rider in the series. I am still in love with Black. He is a real legend!